Eze Software Group: Managing Portfolio with In-Depth Analysis

Eze Software Group: Managing Portfolio with In-Depth Analysis

CIO VendorPete Sinisgalli, CEO
From the analysis of lengthy financial reports to repetitive back-office tasks, a financial institution spends plenty of time in managing their investment operations. The prolonged process leads to complexities in addressing the transactions and lacks visibility into the portfolio. Investment firms or asset managers need a single, time-saving, and automated solution to oversee their portfolio and gain a complete overview with insights. Eze Software Group, a financial tech company, delivers Investment Suite—a comprehensive investment management solution that has extensive range of capabilities to support key business needs of asset managers. “Our Investment Suite helps clients automate the investment lifecycle—starting with portfolio modeling, to order management and advanced trading and compliance, to analytics and reconciliation to help settle trades,” explains Pete Sinisgalli, CEO, Eze Software Group. The solution incorporates a flexible and configurable framework enabling the customer to select the features based on their business needs.

The Investment Suite includes Portfolio Analytics and Modeling for streamlining core portfolio management workflows like what-if analysis, portfolio rebalancing, and benchmark comparison. This multi-strategy and asset portfolio management features advanced modeling capabilities for monitoring KPIs in real-time. It provides instant access to every bit of relevant information and tools that are needed to gain an overview of the instruments in the portfolio. “We believe our solution reduces the total cost of ownership and produces a high return on investment, primarily by automating and integrating functions across the investment lifecycle. These benefits will be even more apparent in the cloud,” adds Sinisgalli. With the unique ability to carry out performance and portfolio analysis, the solution enables customers to monitor KPIs and compare them with benchmarks from leading market data providers. Additionally, the customer can customize the dashboards for viewing instant analytics.

We believe our solution reduces total cost of ownership, and produces a high return on investment, primarily by automating and integrating functions across the investment lifecycle

In a customized environment, the client can efficiently manage and forecast cash flows.

In one instance, Kriya Capital, an investment management company had trade volumes at around 30-40 transactions per day and hence, needed an agile and customizable solution to manage their equity funds at this scale. The client implemented Portfolio Management Solution within short timeframes and provided real-time overview of key trade, position, performance, and exposure data for the portfolio. The software also helped the client to customize their reports and calculations for analyzing the cash flow. The customization included an intuitive drag and drop reporting capability and enhanced the operational processes such as exporting prime brokerage reports and importing trade data to carry out reconciliations.

Portfolio Analytics and Modeling enables the investor to trade directly from their own configured dashboard or access it through any mobile device. The solution helps them manage the trade approval workflows to ensure seamless order handoff between portfolio managers, trading, and compliance. Every investor or an asset manager needs an accurate accounting of their portfolio across all industries. Eze Software provides Portfolio Accounting that flexibly manages accounts in line with the internal structures and processes, and automates the routine accounting tasks for saving time.

For staying ahead of the curve, Eze Software is planning to expand geographically and prioritize on their innovations for delivering an ultimate customer experience. “With innovative, new technology solutions complemented with expanding features and functionalities in the market, we look forward to make meaningful investments to delight our customers in the capital market space,” concludes Sinisgalli.