PW Portfolio Analytics: Comprehensive Portfolio Analytics Solutions

PW Portfolio Analytics: Comprehensive Portfolio Analytics Solutions

"An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative,” said the legendary economist and professional investor Benjamin Graham. Institutional investors followed the words of wisdom and they deployed analytical tools to gain analytical insights and decide the course of action. Individual investors were unable to harness the power of analytics due to purchase cost, technological complexities, and requirement of dedicated resource involved in these analytical tools. PW Portfolio Analytics (PWPA) has forayed into portfolio analytics arena to assist individual investors, financial advisors, pension, and endowment funds to mitigate risk exposure and help the non-institutional investors in following Graham’s words.

PWPA saves the user from conventional portfolio building methodology that relies on questionnaires and pre-determined investment models. The firm applies unique approach in the build-up of the portfolio and concentrates its efforts on global asset allocation instead of relying on small set of proprietary funds. While talking about the potential of analytics in portfolio management, Pauline Shum, President and Co-Founder of PW Portfolio Analytics says, “Open up that black box because when I get that model portfolio from the bank or from a robo it is just a list of some funds.” In its pursuit to empower the individual investor, PWPA enables the user with web based SmartRisk analytics that helps to take informed decisions. SmartRisk analytics plays a great role in assessing risk contribution, sector exposure, regional and macroeconomic risk exposure, and risk adjusted performance. The in-built analytics tool helps the user to understand and manage various risks and eventually ameliorate portfolio performance.

With sheer focus on building customized portfolios, PWPA helps the user to set key factors like risk diversification across assets and risk and return exposures. During the build-up of the portfolio, human capital, multi-factor risk exposures, downside risk, investment preferences, and costs are considered.Though the solution merits the user with granular view of portfolio, the parameters are tracked and their combined performance is measured. The user is able to base his actions over supporting analytics whenever he wants to adjust the portfolio.

Open up that black box because when I get that model portfolio from the bank or from a robo it is just a list of some funds

Again, the user is able to achieve investment goals due to complete management of the portfolio through various risk related features.

The user manages the portfolio with the help of analytics and PWPA provides the platform after paying the subscription fees. The platform assists the user with in-built content in comprehending various risks and creating customized portfolios. Not only individual investors and financial advisors but also pension and endowment funds can utilize the platform to manage strategic asset allocations, evaluate risk exposures, and supplement performance reports. Passionate educators, who are experienced in developing finance and business programs, have built the platform, which is equipped with intuitive user interface.

PWPA aims to democratize portfolio risk management and unleash the power of analytics for individual investors. In the recent years, web accessibility, personalized and subscription based service, customized portfolio, and regulatory compliances have become key words in portfolio management arena. Being in tandem with technological and market trends, PWPA is able to tap more business opportunities and let the customers achieve their yield targets. Again, technophile younger demographics can rivet PWPA’s solution in the market due to their inherent love for agile and data driven product. The leadership of the company believes in communicating value clearly and anticipating user requirements and queries. Empowering the individual investor with analytical capabilities is novelty and probably portfolio management arena will become level playing field.