Reis [NASDAQ: REIS]: Securing Investments with Analytics

Reis [NASDAQ: REIS]: Securing Investments with Analytics

In an unpredictable macroeconomic environment, commercial real estate brokers need to back their investment decisions with sound knowledge of the real estate debt portfolio. They need the market intelligence of the local debt structures to assess the risks involved in their every real estate business engagement. Reis is a company that specializes in providing real estate investors and lenders with proprietary commercial market information and analytics tools to overcome the challenges to facilitate decision making. “Reis provides critical market intelligence to help our subscribers buy, sell, hold, finance, manage, broker real estate assets,” says Lloyd Lynford, President and CEO, Reis.

Since its inception in 1980, Reis has garnered enormous experience and information pertinent to market transactions, supply, absorption, rents and sale prices for up to 275 metropolitan markets across the U.S. With its proprietary database, Reis helps commercial real estate investors and lenders to make business transactions by gaining sufficient knowledge of the local real estate market. Lending institutions, debt, and equity investors can leverage this database to assess the risks involved in default and loss associated with portfolios, properties, and real estate backed securities. Taking a wide approach, Reis gathers data from across the industry and locations encompassing sales transactions, new construction projects, local, regional, and national publications. The company offers an intuitive analytics driven solution, Mobiuss CRE, to build the intelligence by leveraging this database.

Mobiuss CRE makes it easy for investors to quantify the risks in their commercial real estate portfolio providing them a strong support to secure their investments. With the support for credit risk analysis, stress testing, benchmarking, and asset valuation, the surveillance tool helps business to find a stable ground to build on their investments. Supporting compliance and regulatory requirements, the platform allows investors to implement pre-loaded regulatory DFAST and CCAR stress test scenarios and discover concentrations in their portfolio. Besides allowing investors to analyze stabilized property mortgages, new construction loans, the tool also helps them to benchmark their internal models.

Reis provides critical market intelligence to help our subscribers buy, sell, hold, finance, manage, broker real estate assets

As a comprehensive platform for all the evaluation needs, Mobiuss CRE encompasses various stages from data management, portfolio analysis, surveillance, through reporting and collaboration. Based on the analysis results for each forecasted scenario, investors can grasp the portfolio characteristics and discover the trends while being able to measure the loan performance. Reports generated for risk and regulatory reviews can be standardized and shared with teams spread in different locations.

To support investors in their decision making process, Reis provides several other tools that gives a holistic picture of the current trends and new updates pertaining to the commercial real estates. Investment Analysis Reports, for example, leverages previous, current, as well as forecasted performance of subject properties to explore the factors influencing the decisions for investment, underwriting, and lending. Transaction Analytics, on the other hand, is a module that provides comprehensive view of sales trends across the U.S. since 2005. Investors can zero in on particular portfolios and discover the trends with respect to key characteristics such as size, transaction price, class, and cap rate.

Available in the subscription form, Reis’ commercial real estate analytics tools can be accessed online. These tools enable not just investors, brokers, developers, appraisers in making informed decisions to secure their investments and drive their business results.

With quality at its core, Reis lays stress on the accuracy of its database. To this end, it subjects the collected data to comprehensive quality controls are thoroughly verified. With such insightful view of the commercial real estate industry, Reis strides ahead to help investors secure their investments.