Virtus Partners LLC: Single Platform for Reporting of Portfolios

Virtus Partners LLC: Single Platform for Reporting of Portfolios

CIO VendorJoe Elston, Partner & Co-Founder
Today, the job of a portfolio analyst is simplified by a number of solutions in the market that help in analyzing market trends, compiling data, and reporting on overall productivity. However, opening different screens to perform every function becomes a tedious task. Also, not all solutions can proficiently overcome the issue of transparency across data to manage portfolios. Virtus’ Nexus hits the bull’s eye in this regard. “Nexus was born with a goal to enable transparency within various portfolios and provide efficiency in information delivery to clients,” begins Joe Elston, Partner and Co- Founder, Virtus Partners. Virtus’ vision is to provide a single platform to deliver a holistic administrative solution to the capital markets while offering real time access to market information.“We have streamlined and consolidated fragmented pieces of information into a single, easy,and efficient system,” asserts Robert Tomicic, Partner and Co-Founder, Virtus Partners.

As a web based portal, Nexus offers a host of services and systems, allowing users to access it easily even with limited technical infrastructure. It links with the client’s asset management system to drill down into the details and characteristics of each asset, allowing users to examine information efficiently.. Nexus then categorizes the assets into a portfolio to produce compliance and analytics results. Users can get a real-time view on open trade status, performance over a time period, and overall exposure of their funds with the ability to generate reports on the assets using the Nexus Dashboard.

Further, the platform gives users operational reports which are automatically posted online after getting approved internally, through the portal. Further, Nexus’ dynamic interface and overall experience for users gives Virtus a distinct position in the market.

Nexus was born with a goal to enable transparency within various portfolios and provide efficiency in information delivery to clients

Unlike traditional systems that require different screens to analyze various aspects of their portfolios, Nexus offers a single portal to manage a client’s entire workflow.

Adding to Virtus’ expanded portfolio of solutions including front, middle, and back office is the inclusion of Virtus Trade Settlements, formerly known as Trade Settlement Inc—an electronic settlement platform which offers a complete set of solutions for primary and secondary loan settlements. “We are bringing new workflows and user interfaces based on market changes, through the TSI acquisition,” Tomicic adds.

A Virtus client, with assets over $30Bn and a large number of portfolios wanted to generate reports based on their trade activity. Nexus helped them convert a number of excel spreadsheets into automated reports with a secure delivery mechanism. The client was able to eliminate technical issues in the front as well as back office. “We were able to transform the client from a manual excel based system to a more secure scalable online model, giving them the ability to grow at a faster more controlled pace,” affirms Tomicic. Integrating with a client’s existing platforms or providing alternatives for them, Nexus generates a seamlessly integrated solution for the front, middle, and back office. “We help clients with their legacy systems and new companies to get into the market efficiently and quickly.”

“We want to be a leader in providing a one-stop shop solution for seamless management of assets in various portfolios,” explains Tomicic. “There is always going to be constant evolution of Nexus to bring even more efficiency and transparency for our clients.”