Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2019- Companies
Trendrating: Elevating Investment Performance

Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2019

Portfolio analytics solutions are widely adopted by investors to navigate the capital market and manage their portfolios effectively. Various portfolio analytics solutions have emerged out lately, proving to be a boon for investors as they provide significant insights into the investment processes, by leveraging comprehensive algorithms, helping them derive profitability, while also forecasting the profitable financial instruments to invest in the future. They are capable of analyzing the portfolio’s current and historical exposures and use cumulated and security-level reports to view metrics including ratings, weights, valuation measures, and other ratios for the portfolios.

Considering the paradigm shift happening in portfolio analysis landscape, Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s special edition on  Portfolio Analytics has compiled a list of Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers for the year 2019 to guide institutional and retail investors associated with the capital markets in leveraging the advance analytics software solutions to tackle today’s challenges and increase revenue potential. Moreover, this edition comes with the latest industry trends that will allow investors to stay updated.

We are glad to feature the Swiss-based firm Trendrating on our annual list of Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers. Trendrating is at the forefront of offering analytics solutions to help fund managers fight back and prove to the clients that they can outperform passive management strategies. The company provides advanced analytics designed to capture trends, identifying stocks with a high probability to be winners, and avoiding securities that may result in losses within a yearly horizon. 

We hope this edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook with a focus on Portfolio Analytics helps find the right solution to create better revenue streams. We present to you, Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Provider - 2019.”

  • Top Portfolio Analytics Companies

  • Trendrating provides ‘trend capture’ technology that adds objective discipline to portfolio management generating superior returns. The company provides advanced analytics designed to capture trends, identifying stocks with a high probability to be winners, and avoiding securities that may result in losses within a yearly horizon. Trendrating covers over 20,000 stocks, ETFs, sectors, and indices using a pattern recognition algorithm that after being massively tested on over 25 years of data, has been live, documented, and used by 100+ customers. Moreover, Trendrating offers a Performance Management Platform that is integrated with an array of functionalities—market screening, investment opportunity identification, portfolio risk monitoring, tactical allocation, ranking any investment universe, and individual security analysis

  • Axioma


    Axioma, founded in 1998, provides an integrated suite of front-to-back investment management solutions to a global client base, including hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies, wealth managers, pension funds, and investment banks. The company helps clients overcome the issues they confront in portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution and trading. Customers can deploy Axioma’s solutions for decision intelligence throughout the entire investment process across the front, middle and back-office to create competitive advantage from risk to return. Axioma uses the market-leading technology from APIs to the cloud-native open environment of axiomaBlueTM and fully integrated content and analytics to deliver outstanding service for clients

  • Black Mountain

    Black Mountain

    Black Mountain is a software company developing innovative, tailored solutions for global investment firms. The company offers solutions for data aggregation, process management, and business reporting allowing employees to focus on high-value activities that drive investment performance. Their solutions add operating efficiency and reduce risk by eliminating the boundaries between systems, information, and people. Black Mountain offers low-risk and rapid deployment of fully supported solutions for all asset classes with the flexibility to conform, adapt, and grow with changing company, market, and regulatory needs

  • BondIT


    BondIT was founded in 2012 to build fixed income portfolios using its expert team of portfolio managers and advisors. Using BondIT’s sanitised data, powerful machine-learning algorithms and a super-intuitive user interface, the company empower wealth managers and advisors to implement fixed income strategies by enabling the construction and rebalancing bond portfolios in seconds. It serves banks, wealth and asset managers, advisory platforms, and online trading platforms across various geographies with its solutions. BondIT’s value for wealth and asset managers includes increasing revenue, trade flow, client engagement and acquisition and retention

  • FactSet


    FactSet has been serving the market for 40 years by creating flexible open data and software solutions for tens of thousands of investment professionals around the world, helping them to make crucial investment decisions. FactSet’s core is data integration and is industry leaders in acquiring, integrating, and managing content. This content fuels analytics across the investment lifecycle, from fundamental stock selection and research to order management, execution, and reporting. The company focuses on providing exceptional client service by giving instant access to financial data and analytics for investors. Having influenced 95 percent of asset managers, the company creates value for the clients

  • Investment Metrics

    Investment Metrics

    Investment Metrics, founded in 2010, is the leading provider of investment performance analytics and reporting solutions for the global institutional investment community. The company offers unique, comprehensive, tailored solutions for institutional investment consultants, asset managers, asset owners and plan sponsors, wealth advisors, and global financial institutions. This makes them to access and analyze data quickly. Leveraging the insights into global asset allocation trends, asset flows, performance benchmarks, plan sponsor and style universe performance, the company enables the global institutional investment community to make more informed, data-driven investment decisions

  • Mercatus


    Mercatus offers a platform to manage alternative investments. The platform connects data, workflows, and financial models into a single, integrated system to power data-driven decisions, insights, and reports in hours. It offers transparency across the entire investment portfolio while delivering real-time, predictive insights for superior alternative investment returns. Mercatus harnesses and centralizes internal and external data inputs from asset operators, accounting systems, energy pricing systems, and more to facilitate real-time reporting and collaboration across fundraising, asset management and investing teams. Advanced analytics and custom dashboards power insights into key trends and KPIs, such as MWs produced, the total number of assets, performance, forecasts, risk, and IRR

  • TORA


    Provider of advanced investment management technologies that support the full trading lifecycle, Tora provides solutions for cryptocurrency trading through its subsidiary Caspian. California based Tora also provides a full suite of cloud-based SaaS-delivered execution, analytics, and compliance tools, as well as order, portfolio, and risk management capabilities and a global FIX network. Founded in 2004, Tora with a team of experts also specializes in trading technology. Many companies utilizes Tora products, and company offices spread across the globe. The company helps its clients to manage the risks in real-time

  • Virtu Financial

    Virtu Financial

    By leveraging cutting edge technology to supply liquidity to markets and providing innovative and transparent trading solutions to the clients, Virtu advocates increased transparency. The company's transparency helps the market participants to make a better, and more informed decisions while making the markets more efficient. Founded in 2008, Virtu provides deep liquidity, competitive pricing, consistent, and high-quality execution. Headquartered in New York, the company specializes in financial technology, designated market maker, liquidity provider, market structure, equities, FICC, global equities, and ETFs. The company enables market participants to make better, more informed decisions while making markets more efficient

  • Virtus Partners LLC

    Virtus Partners LLC

    Founded in 2005, Virtus Partners offers solutions for the asset managers, banks, hedge funds, and investors to manage a wide variety of alternative investment strategies. The company provides services that are flexible and are tailored to fit the clients' requirement. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Virtus Partners with a team of experts specializes in finance, financial services, CLO, administrative services, investment, hedge funds, private equity, debt, risk retention, mutual funds, fintech, credit, research, analytics, and portfolio. The company combines technology and managed services in a single platform and offers best in the industry to its clients