Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2017- Companies
FactSet: The Vantage Point

Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2017

Portfolio analytics solutions—wherewithal for fund managers, investors, and bankers—calibrate performance of portfolio over number of factors like asset risk, return, correlation, and diversification. With the help of solution’s in-built analytics engine, fund manager can discern the risk for a portfolio across multiple asset classes and strategize to mitigate the risks. Charts and reports available in these solutions simplify visualization of the market risks and returns and accelerate the evaluation of portfolio against competitor funds, peer portfolios.

To surpass the benchmarks for portfolio return and performance, portfolio analytics solutions utilize new age technologies like cloud, big data, and predictive analytics. Cloud facilitates real time business decision-making and allows investment firms to tackle market volatility and prune losses. Processing voluminous trading data has always been a challenge for investment firms, nonetheless, big data and predictive analytics expedite data processing and present actionable insights to the financial decision makers.

Despite the fact that there is no dearth of solution providers that allow customers to comprehend and manage investments, it is quite cumbersome for the CIOs to choose the right product. To help organizations identify the best portfolio analytics solutions to complement their business and financial goals, a team of prominent CIOs, CEOs, and analysts, along with Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board analyzed the strengths and capabilities of the best players in the portfolio analytics landscape. This edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook features companies who with their intuitive portfolio analytics solutions help the investment community build effective investment and risk management strategies.

We present the Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers 2017.

  • Top Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies

  • FactSet delivers financial data and analytic applications for investment management and investment banking professionals

  • Calypso Technology

    Calypso Technology

    Offers Portfolio Workstation, a feature-rich command center that provides users with real-time portfolio insights

  • eFront


    eFront's product suites offer integrated solutions for streamlining management of alternative investments

  • Misys


    Provides an open architecture based solution for investment management

  • Novus Partners

    Novus Partners

    Offers a portfolio analytics and intelligence platform for institutional investors

  • Personal Capital

    Personal Capital

    Combines technology with advisory services to deliver personal and objective wealth management solutions

  • PW Portfolio Analytics

    PW Portfolio Analytics

    Offers portfolio risk management solution to individual investors, financial advisors, pension and endowment funds



    Offers desktop-based portfolio management software

  • SoftTarget


    Provides iBalance that allows portfolio managers to apply their vision of financial markets

  • StatPro [LON: SOG]

    StatPro [LON: SOG]

    Provider of portfolio analytics solutions for the investment community