Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2018- Companies
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Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2018

Investment in assets, bonds, and shares are the building block of the finance market and it is imperative for bankers and individuals alike to keep track of the investment portfolio to maximize profits. Given the ever-rising startup culture, it is necessary for investment bankers and hedge fund companies to constantly quantify the returns of their portfolio and the performance of active investment. It is crucial to analyze the credit risk, underlying risk factors of a portfolio, risk forecasts, and important market observables to maximize returns in a dynamic risk landscape. At this juncture, it is important to leverage data models that would extract the latent market consensus and highlight the variables or trends within the market to undertake an insightful decision.

Portfolio managers and traders are now implementing high-range data models that leverage analytics and sequential pattern mining to find the hidden risk factors within market data in real time. Furthermore, machine learning can be applied to the data models to automate the whole process and eliminate human intervention to prevent inaccuracies. To access the full value of the investment under different circumstances, portfolio managers are now running the data models of a portfolio through artificial intelligence powered stress testing to quantify the risk sensitivity of an investment in extreme market conditions.

The market today abounds with numerous portfolio analytics solution providers that have created innovative solutions to help companies tackle challenges associated with their portfolio analytics investment. From consultation services to implementation assistance, these solution providers are constantly transforming the portfolio analytics market. Our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, and analysts along with Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board have narrowed down the best portfolio analytics solution providers in the market.

We present to you Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers-2018.”

  • Top Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies

  • Renders quantitative analytics platform to maximize alpha generation and liquidity along with improving investment process and discipline

  • Renders next gen investment performance analytics and reporting solutions for the institutional investment community

  • Offers alternative investment management platform through a single financial model and workflow integrated sytem for real-time visibility

  • Empowering the most influential family offices around the world to be better informed in financial decision-making through efficient, accurate, and comprehensive wealth reporting

  • Solovis offers an innovative multi-asset class portfolio management system and reporting solution for endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs and family offices

  • Provider of portfolio analytics solutions for the investment community

  • Delivering a single, integrated system for pricing, valuation, stress testing and earnings simulation needs

  • PW Portfolio Analytics

    PW Portfolio Analytics

    Democratizing portfolio and risk management analysis through an easy-to-use web platform for tracking investments and develop long-term financial goals

  • Reis


    Reis’s interactive and intuitive platform for portfolio analysis delivers a transparent, comprehensive solution

  • Virtus Partners LLC

    Virtus Partners LLC

    Offer an extensive set of solutions that are flexible and tailored to fit a wide range of clients with alternative investment strategies