Admore Fintellix Solutions: Powerful Credit Portfolio Management

Admore Fintellix Solutions: Powerful Credit Portfolio Management

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The global capital markets are today witnessing signs of recovery with improved investor confidence and rising trading volumes. In a time when the Fintech revolution is redefining investments, payments, and lending, portfolios are growing increasingly complex alongside variety of asset classes across a number of industries and borders. With this, community banks face a major barrier of continuous market uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny as they demand for greater transparency in organization portfolio system to help portfolio managers to optimize risk-adjusted returns, improve investment decisions, and comply with economic capital-related regulations.

An ideal solution that combines both sophisticated analytics with robust technology is necessary to overcome the regulatory burden and rising cost of compliance. “We bring a proven global credit information management platform to community banks—combining Fintellix’s powerful technology and Ardmore’s credit risk consulting expertise—to solve the compliance problems along with more information to be publicly released for financial institutions,” says Peter Cherpack, CEO, Ardmore Fintellix Solutions.

The firm helps community banks easily manage their regulatory compliance matters and also focus on investment strategies and profitability, while maintaining high levels of security, transparency, process control and operational scale. The Fintellix-Ardmore alliance encompasses global expertise, local experience, and next generation solutions to lower the cost of compliance for community banks. The synergy has created a Credit Portfolio Management suite that offers a Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)-ready Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) solution, along with credit portfolio analytics and portfolio stress testing solutions, all of which leverage the next-generation credit data-mart and data management platform to provide immediate results to banks.

ALLL Manager is powered by a comprehensive credit data warehouse and serves as Software as a Service (SaaS) for credit professionals to instantly access all the reference documents for customized reports based on each bank’s specific needs.

We bring a proven global credit information management platform to community banks to solve compliance problems along with more information to be publicly released

With a built-in document repository, end-to-end audit log, and a set of pre-built reports, the solution makes banks audit and examination ready at all points of time. It substantially reduces manual efforts and inaccuracies in calculations and provides a complete flexibility to business users to configure and maintain the solution based on the bank’s policies. With the complete portfolio analytics, asset managers filter information quickly, take advantage of statistical arbitrage opportunities, and deal with inefficiencies such as transaction costs incurred during trading and tax consequences of investment decisions.

The company’s innovative credit portfolio analytics solution is also capable of providing real-time insights into the business based on data streams that was traditionally considered being of no value. This edge translates profitable growth, better customer relationships, improved operational efficiency, and superior resource management for capital market firms. Ardmore Fintellix Solutions ensure that there isn’t any data duplication and obviate the need for reconciliation related overheads.

Providing credit risk consulting and credit management solutions for over 25 years in the community bank market, Ardmore Fintellix Solutions has successfully implemented its industry-leading regulatory compliance, risk management and reporting solutions in over 11 countries. Moving forward, the firm is planning to strengthen its synergy to educate more community bank CFOs about accounting rules, economic trends, financial metrics, portfolio management, and more for a valuable portfolio analysis.

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Ardmore Fintellix Solutions


Peter Cherpack, CEO

Provides next-generation technology solutions to create a premier Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) suite for the U.S. community bank market