Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2016- Companies
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Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies - 2016

The implementation of powerful analytics solutions impact multiple aspects within an investment portfolio, simplifying the assessment of return on revenue, risks, and re-invest opportunities. Driven by the need to accomplish these goals, the financial services and investment management companies are expanding their perspectives on technological tools, replacing legacy approaches with cloud based, hybrid software that secure relevant data as well as deftly carry out big data analysis.

Financial and trading data being recognized as important corporate assets have to be fully leveraged to gain strategic insights critical for tailoring investment methodologies with the help of personalized product offerings. The predictive analytics culture is now rapidly permeating the capital market to enhance planning and performance management of assets, minimizing financial risks, mitigating loss, and measuring revenue generation capability of financial instruments in the portfolio. The analytics products are equipped with robust risk management systems and collaborative tools meant for asset owners and a wide array of knowledge workers including the risk and investment professionals.

Despite the fact that there is no dearth of solution providers that allow customers to comprehend and manage investments, it is quite cumbersome for the CIOs to choose the right product. To help organizations identify the best portfolio analytics solutions to complement their business and financial goals, a team of prominent CIOs, CEOs, and analysts, along with Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board analyzed the strengths and capabilities of the best players in the landscape. This edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook features companies with the in-depth expertise in delivering portfolio analytics solutions that help draft effective investment and risk management strategies.

We present the Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers 2016.

  • Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Companies

  • Provides next-generation technology solutions to create a premier Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) suite for the U.S. community bank market

  • Axioma's Portfolio Analytics puts portfolios to the test, in order to reveal risks and sources of returns.

  • Delivers solutions for fixed income investment that include data-driven portfolio construction, optimization, re-balance, analysis, and monitoring capabilities

  • Provides order management, trade execution and analytics, portfolio analytics and modeling, compliance and regulatory reporting, commission management, data management, and portfolio accounting solutions

  • FactSet delivers financial data and analytic applications for investment management and investment banking professionals around the globe

  • ITG


    An independent broker and financial technology provider that partners with global traders and portfolio managers throughout the investment process

  • The company offers portfolio risk management solution to individual investors, financial advisors, pension and endowment funds

  • A company specializing in proprietary commercial real estate market information and analytics

  • Delivers customized portfolio analytics platform to help in investment decisions of financial firms

  • Provides administrative services and data on structured and non-structured transactions across a broad spectrum of asset portfolios