Equity Data Science: Quantitative Analytics Platform to Bolster Alpha Generation

Equity Data Science: Quantitative Analytics Platform to Bolster Alpha Generation

CIO VendorSandeep Varma, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
As technology brings revolutionary changes across every industry, modern investors and wealth managers are looking for avant-garde tools to enhance their investment processes. Today, investors find Bloomberg and Excel downloads to be obsolete, cumbersome, and ineffective and look to capitalize on quantitative and alternative data sources for achieving higher ROIs. The advancement of technology also means investors now have the acumen to customize factors for portfolio analysis and simulation. Amidst these, several large equity L/S funds have developed their in-house research analytics platforms for fundamental analysis and portfolio management, but they generally spend years and millions of dollars in development. One company reinvigorating the investment process and creating more alpha-generation opportunities with its quantitative analytics platform is New York-based firm Equity Data Science (EDS).

EDS leverages leading-edge technology and data science to bring forth a 360-degree analytics suite that helps fundamental investors to identify inefficiencies, garner intelligent insights, and comprehend more actionable conclusions on the fly. “With our EDS quantitative analytics platform, we embed data science into the fundamental strategy of investors that aids them in investment analytics, portfolio management, and scenario and risk modeling,” says Sandeep Varma, co-founder, and CEO of Equity Data Science. He, along with co-founder Greg McCall, Lead Data Scientist, Ben Lieblich and Don Wood, who heads sales have decades of experience in fundamental investing and are a formidable team steering EDS to become one of the most credible and cost-effective quantitative analytics platforms in the market. With this offering, investors can take analysis out of Excel sheets and subsequently move into a personalized software platform that renders investment insights into the entire equity universe.

Whether you are a generalist or sector specialist, with EDS, you can easily compare your portfolio to the group of your choice - small caps, large caps, sectors, and any index

McCall mentions that analysts can leverage EDS as a dedicated quant team. He extols, “Our clients refer to EDS as a supercharged research platform.” The offering overcomes the limitations of Excel and Bloomberg reports along with reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks such as screening, filtering, earnings preparation, valuation analysis, and ownership and sentiment analysis. “It is all in there, in a dynamic, easy-to-use, and insight-driven platform. Whether you are a generalist or sector specialist, with EDS, you can easily compare your portfolio to the group of your choice—small caps, large caps, sectors, and any index,” he adds.

Since its genesis, the firm has focused on bringing new sources of actionable intelligence and increased predictability that can boost the confidence of modern investors. One of the client’s testimonies reads, “EDS has become an integral part of our daily investment process. It has helped us create increased alpha and stronger discipline.” In yet another successful project, the firm assisted Kindred Capital, an investment firm, in improving their performance on the short side. The client had poor short performance and subsequently faced high incidents of short squeezes. Monitoring pertinent data points and getting metric standardization were the other pains points faced by the client. “We offered a data-driven platform that renders actionable and predictive insight on all relevant data,” mentions Data Scientist, Ben Lieblich. The ability to visually manipulate, filter, and interact with data across over 12,000 equities further led to better ideas and improved processes. The data-driven platform also enhanced the workflow along with mitigating the potential threat windows.

In the days ahead, the firm intends to continue creating a customer-centric strategy for investors and become a valued partner for its clients. “There are lots of alpha generating opportunities, and we are committed to assisting our clients in garnering greater alpha from their investment process,” concludes Lieblich.