Solovis: A Better Route to Institutional Investing

Solovis: A Better Route to Institutional Investing

CIO VendorJosh Smith, Co-Founder & CEO
"Institutional Investing Transformed”—reads the tagline of Solovis, reflecting the company’s core objective of delivering greater efficiency, faster insights and better investment decisions. To this end, Solovis offers an innovative multi-asset class portfolio management technology platform for endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs, and family offices. Josh Smith, the co-founder and CEO of Solovis, emphasizes that the Solovis solution is uniquely designed for asset owners and allocators that manage complex, strategic investment portfolios with a long-term focus.

Multi-asset class portfolio management is particularly challenging. Managing assets from multiple fund managers, gaining timely accurate data on alternatives, factoring in private equity fees and managing liquidity and risk across a diverse set of assets are just some of the challenges Solovis clients face. Solovis’ robust, multi-asset class portfolio management platform is leading the charge in efficiently confronting these challenges by consolidating all asset data on a single platform and delivering better tools for portfolio reporting, analysis, and scenario prediction. “We are helping LPs collect and aggregate investment data across multiple systems, analyze the portfolio from multiple angles, predict the outcome of future investment scenarios, and share investment insights with partners and constituents—all with the goal of enabling better investment decisions.”

Getting fast, accurate data is critical to making the right investment decisions, but it’s a huge point of frustration for most organizations. To remedy this, Solovis technology automates and accelerates the integration and collection of data across both public and private data sources. To ensure accuracy, Solovis clients can opt to leverage its analyst services team. “Numerous organizations can’t afford the personnel required to perform daily information aggregations. To mitigate that, we bring the scale of not only a world-class software product but also of a high-performing analyst team that assists in collecting, aggregating and cleansing data from multiple systems and helps manage ongoing portfolio operations to keep data current,” Smith adds.

The esteemed client roster of Solovis comprises some of the largest endowments, foundations, and pensions in the U.S., as well as, both local and international family offices. In short, premier organizations that have substantial allocations across a wide spectrum of investments constitute Solovis’ highly valued clientele. Illustrating the efficacy of the Solovis solution, Smith recounts the company’s contribution to a top 10 endowment. Before Solovis, the endowment was using five different systems for multi-asset class portfolio management with ten people managing the systems. With the Solovis software platform, the endowment was able to consolidate everything onto Solovis, saving over $250,000 annually while improving data accuracy and gaining daily investment transparency across the entire portfolio. The Solovis platform is also easier to work with, so the endowment was able to reallocate five employees to other activities. Smith takes pride in the cardinal purpose of Solovis: “Our technology eliminates many of the frustrations associated with managing a multi-asset class portfolio and enables our clients to make better investment decisions,” he extols.

As for the future, the company is not slowing down. It invests significantly in R&D and has four new products scheduled to launch in the next six months. “Our market leadership among the LP community is widely recognized in the U.S., and we are opportunistically expanding into select international markets—so I expect our fast growth pace to continue,” Smith concludes.

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Josh Smith, Co-Founder & CEO

Solovis offers an innovative multi-asset class portfolio management system and reporting solution for endowments, foundations, pensions, OCIOs and family offices