StatPro: Unleashing the Power of Cloud- Based Analytics

StatPro: Unleashing the Power of Cloud- Based Analytics

CIO VendorJustin Wheatley, Group Chief Executive
All Mubin Rahimi, Head of Investor Services at National Australia Bank (NAB), could witness was chaos. Rahimi was responsible for managing the middle office function, providing performance, risk, and mandate compliance services to over more than 30 clients. Caught in the midst of the grotesque situation of recurring recalculations that were difficult to explain and even harder to turnaround at the end of the month, the situation badly needed help. Because of the disparate legacy systems, he had to completely rely on labor-intensive, time-consuming manual workarounds to reconcile all the datasets in-use. Instead of focusing on servicing client, his team had to be more involved in handling data management issues and wasting time waiting for systems to complete their calculations. Managing five different systems for performance and risk functions, NAB faced tremendous challenges in delivering performance measurement and analytics services to its clients who approached this large fund administrator and custodian bank for asset management.

NAB needed a performance amplifier that could help them automate and scale the asset management process to deliver timely and accurate performance data to their clients. The bank was resolute to partner with a technology provider that would provide them a solution without the overhead of local IT infrastructure and the subsequent need for complex upgrade and support requirements. The need of the hour was a solution that could standardize and analyze data in a hassle-free and operationally efficient manner. A solution that would give clients the ability to analyze and interpret performance and risk analytics in a visual and intuitive way. NAB saw an opportunity to overcome this challenge in their middle office when they came across StatPro, a company whose integrated performance and risk solution, StatPro Revolution, is designed to increase productivity and lower costs. With StatPro Revolution, NAB got the opportunity to integrate their performance and risk functions into a single cloud-based platform that enabled them to enhance their portfolio analytics productivity while lowering their overhead and infrastructure costs. StatPro Revolution’s visual and clear performance workflow allowed NAB to streamline their daily performance measurement process. Now that the team is able to see the status of all portfolio groups in a single dashboard, any warnings or errors can be resolved quickly.

Asset managers around the globe are under tremendous pressure to deliver detailed information to more stakeholders than ever before because they not only need to deliver returns, but also provide relevant statistics on how those returns were made, and what risks were taken to achieve them.

This job of data collection, analysis, and delivery falls into the middle office, managed by an asset manager. “This is where we specialize— middle office that’s responsible for keeping a track of what is happening across the business,” says Justin Wheatley, Group Chief Executive, StatPro. With the belief that adopting the right technology and vision, the middle office can be a real source of high level value to the business, the company deliver StatPro Revolution platform. The platform allows customers to access portfolio performance measurement, attribution, contribution, allocation, risk, and compliance analytic from a web browser.

StatPro Revolution is an integrated, cloud-based performance and risk platform designed to elevate productivity and decline costs. Built on the most advanced cloud-based technology, the platform delivers unprecedented scalability. The market and index data are completely integrated into the platform to allow customers focus solely on their analysis tasks, without losing sleep worrying about data management. StatPro Revolution is first of its kind comprehensive platform that covering more than 3.2 million global securities including equities, fixed income, mutual funds, listed futures contacts, FX forwards, inter-bank deposits, options and OTCs.

To give customers the flexibility to select a best data model that perfectly suits a portfolio and investment process, StatPro Revolution also supports multiple data models. The company’s data models include; transaction-and holdings-based, market values, pre-calculated weights, and returns from StatPro Seven, investment portfolio management software, or even pre-calculated weights and returns from other performance systems. Customers have liberty to manage the platform at a very granular level to support unlimited user roles, and a company’s administrator just need to define roles and grant permissions that suit anyone’s requirements within the system. The platform is designed upon a core theme that customers should not waste time managing the software, instead focus on managing users, content and access.

With StatPro Revolution as its flagship multi-asset class analytics platform, the company operates in Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia and Australia, with hundreds of clients in 39 countries across the globe. Wheatley is confident that StatPro is in a strong position with its cutting edge StatPro Revolution platform—the only cloud-based, multi-tenant portfolio analytics solution that provides a broad range of functions across performance, risk and regulation. “The key to StatPro Revolution’s platform is its ability to integrate with clients’ other solutions via its API,” says Wheatley. The API benefit allows StatPro to integrate with a number of complementary platforms for services such as research and asset analysis. Consequently, the company is aiming to expand the reach of its analytics.

In the coming year, StatPro is planning to structure its business into three divisions to make the operations of the business clearer. This segregation is to provide distinct divisional management focus and to enable growth in each division based on specific divisional priorities. However, Statpro Revolution, the analytics division will remain focused on providing the best portfolio analytics by covering the broadest range of functionality, ease of use, and quality of service.